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Pulse Start MH Lamp CWA Ballast UL cUL listed 856502

HID magnetic ballast for pulse start metal halide lamp from 175W to 1000W.
American stardards HID ballast.
UL 1029 standard.
Multi-volts: 120/208/240/277V 60Hz.
Circuit type: CWA.
UL, cUL listed.
With capacitor and bracket.

SKU: 856502



UL/cUL CWA Ballast for Pulse Start Metal Halide Lamps from 175W to 1000W:

Order no. Wattage Lamp type Supply Voltage Working Current OCV Capacitor Ignitor Net Weight Insulation Class
856502-CWA-MH175PSMT 175W M137



1.90/1.00/0.90/0.80A 260V 12.5UF/400V MH35-1000W 3.10 kg H
856502-CWA-MH200PSMT 200W M136 2.00/1.30/1.00/0.90A 260V 13UF/400V 3.20 kg
856502-CWA-MH250PSMT 250W M138 2.30/1.40/1.20/1.00A 260V 18.5UF/400V 3.80 kg
856502-CWA-MH320PSMT 320W M132 3.10/1.80/1.50/1.30A 270V 21UF/400V 4.80 kg
856502-CWA-MH350PSMT 350W M131 3.60/2.10/1.80/1.60A 270V 26UF/400V 4.70 kg
856502-CWA-MH400PSMT 400W M135 4.00/2.30/2.00/1.70A 270V 28UF/400V 4.70 kg
856502-CWA-MH750PSMT 750W M149 6.80/4.00/3.40/3.00A 380V 24UF/480V 8.20 kg
856502-CWA-MH1000PSMT 1000W M141 9.00/5.60/4.60/4.00A 420V 24UF/480V 9.50 kg



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