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Ceramic Material G9 LED Bulb 835104

Ceramic Material G9 LED Bulb.
G9 base LED lamp.
Operating temperature: -25 to +55 degree Celsius.
Long lifespan: 30000h.
Low power consumption.
Lower heating during operation.
Lumen decay: 3 within 1000 hours.
Then Lumens be stable.
No mercury, enviromental protection.

SKU: 835104



Ceramic Material G9 LED Bulb:
Base G4.

Order no.  Power Chip Brand LED quantity Lumens Dimension Voltage CT N.weight Photo
835104-G9-C2-A  2W Epistar COB 1 pcs  120 LM 14x48mm 220-240V 2700-7000K  10g  sell Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps
835104-G9-C2-B  2W Epistar COB  1 pcs  120 LM 14x48mm 220-240V 2700-7000K  10g  Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps-lights
835104-G9-C2-C  2W Epistar COB  1 pcs  150 LM 14x48mm 220-240V 2700-7000K  10g  Ceramic-G9-LED-bulb-lamp
835104-G9-C2-D  2W Epistar COB 1 pcs  120 LM 18x48mm 220-240V 2700-7000K  10g  cheap Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps
 835104-G9-C2.5-A 2.5W SanAn 3020 16 pcs 170-200LM 15x48mm 220-240V 3000-7000K  9g  Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps china
 835104-G9-C2.5-B 2.5W Epistar 2835
9V 30mA
 6 pcs 130-150LM 18x54mm 220-240V 3000-7000K 14g Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps exporter
 835104-G9-C2.5-C 2.5W  Epistar COB  2 pcs 150 LM 4x47mm 220-240V 3000-7000K  8g  Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps factory
835104-G9-C3.3-A  3.3W Epistar 2835
3V 60mA
 51 pcs  300 LM 17x50mm 220-240V 3000-7000K 12g china Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps
 835104-G9-C3.5-A 3.5W Epistar  2 pcs 220 LM 18x48mm 220-240V 2700-7000K 12g  buy Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps
 835104-G9-C7-A  7W  SMD 5050 34 pcs 420 LM 23x74mm 220-240V 2700-7000K 29g Ceramic-G9-LED-lamps import



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