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Photocontrol 851101

Photocontrol / Photocell

Street way lighting
Building perimeter lighting
Outdoor advertising signs
Parking lot lighting

SKU: 851101



Features and Benefits:
Meet stringent utility standards for street and highway lighting.
Delayed response prevent false switching due to light from vehicles, lighting etc.
Longer life extends the maintenace cycle for photocontrols mounted in diffcult locations.
Positive electronic switching provides quick made/break of the load relay eliminating relay chatter.
Low power consumption through a unique regulator circuit. resulting low internal temperature rise contributes to long life. for safety reasons, the photocontrols are designed to fail in the ON position.


Nominal Voltages 120VAC, 220VAC, 240VAC, 277VAC, 120-277VAC, 480VAC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum Load 1000 Watt tungsten, 1800 VA. HID
Guaranteed Operation 5000 operations minimun (13.7 years)
Turn-ON / Turn-Off <1:4 (Electronic),   <1:5 (Thermal)
Delay Time (Instant on) 30 to 120 seconds
Operatiing temperature -40 to +70 degree Celsius (-40F to +158F)
Surge protection (MOV) 90J, 180J, 320J (optional)
Average Power consumption <1 watts
Photocell Cadmium sulphide (Cds), or phototransistor (Hermetically sealed Cds)
Materials Cover:Polypropylen UV stabilized, high impact, flammability resistance
Warranty Full warranty against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from date of manufacture.






Order no.    Voltage -50/60Hz   Fail Model    Load Rating  
   851101-AA1210T   105-135V   ON or OFF   10A
851101-AA2210T 180-240V ON or OFF 10A
851101-AA2410T 200-285V ON or OFF 10A
851101-AA1206E 105-135V ON or OFF 6A
851101-AA2206E 180-240V ON or OFF 6A
851101-AA2406E 200-285V ON or OFF 6A
851101-AA1210E 105-305V ON or OFF 10A
851101-AA2210E 180-240V ON or OFF 10A
851101-AA2410E 200-285V ON or OFF 10A
T: Thermal Type,       E:Electronic Type



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