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UL/cUL CWA Ballast for Metal Halide Lamps 856501

HID magnetic ballast for metal halide lamp from 175W to 1500W.
American stardards HID ballast.
UL 1029 standard.
Multi-volts: 120/208/240/277V 60Hz. and 120/277/347V 60Hz.
Circuit type: CWA.
UL, cUL listed.
With capacitor and bracket.

SKU: 856501



UL/cUL CWA Ballast for Metal Halide Lamps from 175W to 1500W:

Order no. Wattage Lamp type Supply Voltage Working Current OCV Capacitor Ignitor Net Weight Insulation Class
856501-CWA-MH175MT 175W M57/H39 120/208/240/277V 60Hz 1.80/1.00/0.90/0.80A 305V 10UF/400V N/A 3.10 kg H
856501-CWA-MH250MT 250W M58/H37 2.60/1.50/1.30/1.10A 300V 15UF/400V 3.80 kg
856501-CWA-MH400MT 400W M59/H33 4.00/2.30/2.00/1.70A 300V 24UF/400V 5.20 kg
856501-CWA-MH1000MT 1000W M47/H36 8.80/5.10/4.40/3.80A 420V 24UF/400V 9.50 kg
856501-CWA-MH1500MT 1500W M48 13.0/7.50/6.50/5.70A 440V 32UF/400V 12.6 kg
856501-CWA-MH175/347 175W M57/H39 120/277/347V 60Hz 1.90/0.80/0.60A 305V 10UF/400V N/A 3.10 kg H
856501-CWA-MH250/347 250W M58/H37 2.60/1.30/0.90A 300V 15UF/400V 3.80 kg
856501-CWA-MH400/347 400W M59/H33 4.00/1.70/1.40A 300V 24UF/400V 5.20 kg
856501-CWA-MH1000/347 1000W M47/H36 8.80/3.80/3.15A 420V 24UF/400V 9.50 kg
856501-CWA-MH1500/347 1500W M48 13.0/5.70/4.50A 440V 32UF/400V 12.6 kg



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